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26 September

Extraordinary Memories for OV’s

OV Lloyd Daniels (Cr 46-56) had been meaning to come back to see his old school for a little while and so it was a real delight for Liz Elliott, Development Director to welcome him and his partner, Margaret back to King’s recently.  Lloyd was keen to meet Harriet Patrick, our archivist and to see what records Harriet was able to share with him.  Harriet showed Lloyd a number of Creighton House photos in which he appeared and she also shared entries from the Vigornian magazine during his time at school, which detailed Lloyd’s participation in school activities and promotion to house monitor.

Lloyd has many memories from his time at King’s; notably he remembers very clearly the day at school when George VI died and how the Cathedral bell tolling signalled the death of the King.  He remembers the kindness of his Headmaster, Mr Kittermaster and also art classes with Miss ‘Miffy’ Campbell.  Lloyd and Margaret visited the first classroom that Lloyd would have been in – at the bottom of the current Choir House (these classrooms originally accommodated the junior school pupils before they moved onto the senior school).  Lloyd also had memories of the old gym, where former Sgt Major Barrett was in charge of PE.  He was incredibly impressed with the Michael Baker Boathouse, from where he could see across the river to the school sports fields.

Lloyd has kindly supported King’s Bursary Programme, via our Open the door appeal and, as a former teacher himself, he understands the impact that a bursary to King’s can have on a young child.  We are grateful to Lloyd for his support of this important programme for our School.