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19 June

Fantastic OV support for Worcester2Worcester Challenge

This past week the King’s Foundation has been taking part in a challenge to travel the distance from Worcester,UK to Worcester, South Africa and raising money for charities.

Those taking part can run, cycle, walk, swim or row and the miles they do are added up to try to achieve the equivalent of the 7670 mile journey from Worcester to Worcester. We have been thrilled to see so many OVs getting involved with some impressive miles adding up thanks to their commitment.

Here are some of their Worcester2Worcester stories…

OV Hayley Simmonds cycling


Hayley Simmonds (Cr 99-06)

“When I saw on Twitter last week that the King’s community was raising money for two great causes by trying to travel the distance from Worcester, UK to Worcester, South Africa, I knew that I wanted to contribute my training miles.

Although I wasn’t a cyclist whilst at school, it was the many opportunities given to me at King’s that have made me the professional athlete I am today.

I have also always been very grateful to be part of the King’s community and being able to contribute to something like this as an OV feels very special.  It’s nice that my training miles can help raise money for such good causes!”

Josh Hand (Cl 91-01) & King’s Head of Sixth FormOV Josh Hand running with buggy

“I love running – the freedom, the isolation, the nature, the socialising, the progression. It is a real passion of mine and I want everyone to fall in love with the joys of getting out there! When the opportunity arose to help with the fantastic Worcester to Worcester school challenge, I jumped at the chance. The charities are close to the hearts of many in the King’s Foundation and are such worthy causes.

At the beginning of the lockdown period, I was concluding my training for the cancelled London Marathon. I decided to run a solo marathon from home, and really enjoyed pushing myself around the quiet and beautiful lanes. Since then, running has changed focus: I have enjoyed heading out with my 8-month old son in the running buggy – praying for him to nap, but knowing where the exciting cows, sheep and horses are in case he needs entertaining.

I have been so inspired by the range of activities being recorded by students past and present – some truly awe-inspiring! If this challenge can help raise money, bring awareness, and encourage a few more people to get out running, then it will be a real positive during this challenging period.”

OV Cerys Preston

Cerys Preston (Cr 12-19)

“Taking part in the Worcester2Worcester challenge has helped motivate me get out and get my training done and the miles in the bank these past 10 days! As lockdown has gone on it’s been hard at times to stay focused with more and more tournaments and events being cancelled so it’s been really nice to feel part of a bigger community exercising and better still knowing it is for such great causes!”


OV Hannah Gordon with childrenHannah Gordon (K 91-98)

“Lockdown has been a great motivator to get back to running regularly, and even my girls have joined me.

When I saw the Worcester2Worcester challenge on Twitter I thought it would be fun to be involved, and give back to the King’s Community. It’s quite ironic given that I used to cheat at Cross Country when I was at school!”


OV Angus_Guthrie

Angus Guthrie (Cr 10-17)

“I found my passion for running whilst at King’s and have continued to run for my own enjoyment since leaving 3 years ago. I got involved with the Worcester2Worcester challenge after seeing it posted on the school’s social media pages and really wanted to do my bit for the King’s community, so I decided to throw my running gear on and join in (for a wet and windy 23 miles)!

I think it’s amazing that we’ve had people participating from all across the foundation and it really shows the amazing team spirit that King’s offers, even after leaving school.”


Georgie Ormandy (Ch 06-13) &
King’s Geography and Games Teacher

“The Worcester2Worcester challenge is important to me as it is bringing together the King’s community with the common goal of getting active and fundraising for two fantastic charities.

As an OV and current member of staff I have been thrilled to see OV’s, friends, families, staff and pupils really investing into this charity event.

OV Anthony Lock cycling



Anthony Lock (W 05-11)

“I spend a lot of time on the bike as it is preparing for races, so its really nice to see my training miles contributing to such a good cause.”


So far the total (as of Thursday 18th June) stands at an incredible 10,507  miles completed! The target was actually 7670 miles to reach Worcester, South Africa but the King’s community managed to reach this by day 5 so the challenge was set to try and make it back to Worcester UK  by midnight on Sunday.

Thank you so much to all those in our OV community who have taken part.