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3 July

Final OV Virtual Lunchtime concerts

OV Marguerite Bullock screenshot

We have very much enjoyed our OV virtual lunchtime concerts over the past few weeks but as the summer term ends this is sadly our final installment.

This week it was a pleasure to listen to OV Marguerite Bullock (S 12-19) who has spent part of her gap year teaching English in South Korea. Marguerite performed a piece on the flute by Telemann and Debussy. Her performance can be found here.

OV Natasja Enthoven


This week we also had a great performance from OV Natasja Enthoven (W 14-19) who played Liszt’s Petrarch Sonnet 104. Natasja is currently reading Law at Durham University. You can watch Natasja’s recital here.