King's St Alban's

18 November

Forest School Fun for 5P

On Wednesday afternoon, as part of their AFP programme, 5P took part in a Forest School session. The dark rain clouds didn’t deter any of the children and they excitedly donned their wellies and waterproofs ready to explore our outdoor area.

This time of year is a wonderful time to create natural artwork and, inspired by the environmental artist James Blunt, the children used fallen leaves, branches and twigs to create collaborative pieces of artwork.  It was fantastic to see and hear their teamwork skills as they foraged for materials and discussed what they could be used for. Some chose to create patterns created while other groups created art which was representative of other objects.

The weather held out just long enough for us to enjoy a roaring campfire. In between creating their environmental artwork and exploring the area, children came to toasted marshmallows over the fire, creating delicious s’mores! The children thoroughly enjoyed their time in Forest School and they chatted excitedly about other times that they had been around campfires with friends and family.

5P finished the session with a game of ‘The Moon is Round.’  This game is always a favourite with Year 6 when they visit the Old Chapel during the Summer term. It is a fun but frustrating game which requires some very careful listening skills!

It was a great afternoon and wonderful to see the children continuing to develop their curiosity, risk taking, respect and teamwork skills both in and outside the classroom. Well done, 5P!