King's St Alban's

10 November

Friendship workshop for Year 5

Friendship is an important part of everyone’s life at King’s St Alban’s as it’s linked with happiness and fulfilment. Our school is buzzing with children who play, laugh and learn together.

Dr Kate Mason, King’s Worcester’s Clinical Psychologist, came to deliver a workshop to all our Year 5 children on the importance of creating and building friendships.

The sense of excitement grew with the challenge of creating some friendship soup! Taym was the chosen chef and all the children helped identify the vital ingredients of friendship: kindness, listening, trust, honesty, loyalty and forgiveness were all identified by the captivated audience. As Taym mixed the soup, Dr Mason helped the children consider that the individual ingredients are often more desirable when mixed together, leading to a delicious taste.

The children responded well to various scenarios and demonstrated great maturity when sharing their thoughts. However, giving and receiving is not always straight forward, and Dr Mason shared strategies for using the right ingredients when trying to deal with a sticky moment or situation.

To round things off, all the children enthusiastically took the Friendship Pledge and vowed to use at least two of the identified friendship ingredients this week. Plenty of food for thought!