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10 July

From the Archives: Eliot House

We can’t quite believe it but this week we have reached the final instalment of our House Histories with the most recent of the school houses, Eliot House.

1986: Establishment of Eliot House

15 years after the first girls joined the sixth Form at King’s, Eliot House was established as a house for Sixth Form girls, in order to accommodate their growing numbers at the school.

This was based at Number 12 College Green, a house dating from the late sixteenth- or early seventeenth century; extended in 1844, the house became the home of Canon Ryle Wood. Number 12 continued to be used by the Dean and Chapter until 1975, when the last Cathedral occupants were Canon Eliot and Lady Alethea Eliot. Andrew Milne (HM 1979-1983) secured the building for use by King’s in 1979 with a 125-year lease: it was divided into numbers 12 and 12a, the latter of which became the residence of the School Chaplain until the end of boarding.

Following the successful introduction of girls into King’s Sixth Form in 1971, and their growing numbers in the 1980s, it was decided that a day house for girls should be established to complement the girls’ boarding house (College) set up in 1977.

Eliot House was named for Canon Peter and Lady Aletha Eliot, who had lived at Number 12 from 1965 to 1975; its first and only Housemaster was Bob Allum. Eliot House was short-lived: following the move to full co-education in 1991, the girls were integrated into former dayboy houses ready for September 1992, when Eliot House was closed. From 1992, Number 12 became home to the History department.12 College Green, home of Eliot House, 1986-1992. Photographed in 1991.

12 College Green, home of Eliot House, 1986-1992. Photographed in 1991.