King's St Alban's

18 May

Pre-Prep Informal Concert – the future is bright!

Our beautiful chapel is a haven of peace and tranquillity, in spite of its location in the middle of a busy school. It is the perfect venue for assemblies and its lovely acoustics make it a rewarding place for hymn practice and choir rehearsals. It has long been the venue for our regular Pre-Prep Informal Concerts as well as many Prep School concerts, but its compact size has meant that we haven’t been able to make use of it for these events during COVID. It was a real treat to be able to return to the chapel once more for Tuesday’s Pre-Prep Informal Concert.

It was the turn of Pre-Prep to entertain us. These concerts, designed to introduce pupils to performing in front of an audience, have become so popular that we decided to separate out the Pre-Prep and Prep School events this term, giving us two events of a more manageable length. Our youngest children were delighted to be given their own event!

They were incredibly excited to be performing again and there was a real buzz of anticipation in the Music Room beforehand. They had all clearly worked very hard with their instrumental teachers and at home to prepare their pieces and they performed beautifully, with composure and admirable stage presence from children so young. Congratulations to Poppy (Y1) on a superb Informal Concert debut, and to Daisy (Y1), who was celebrating her birthday, yet managed to contain her excitement to stay focused and give a beautiful performance. Perhaps the cake we enjoyed in Y1 beforehand helped!

A Year 1 pupil excitedly beamed, “I can’t wait for our next Pre-Prep Informal Concert,” as they left the chapel. The future of music at King’s St Alban’s is clearly bright. Well done everyone; we were really proud of you!