King's St Alban's

1 February

Glorious sunshine to celebrate Chinese New Year

The King’s St Alban’s Pre-Prep came together with Year 3 to celebrate Chinese New Year and welcome the Year of the Tiger.

Having talked about Chinese New Year within their year group cohorts, the pupils impressed the teachers with their knowledge of what Chinese New Year means, the animals associated with each year and how it is celebrated. A pupil from Year 1 was extremely excited to share her experiences of partaking in Chinese New Year celebrations at home with her family and friends. She commented, “The decorations are really, really beautiful – we put lots up all around our house!” Her enthusiasm for the subject was evidently infectious as the children all bounced outside for a game of Chinese New Year bingo.

Running around the playground in glorious sunshine, the pupils were tasked with finding a representation of each of the twelve Chinese animals. They searched high and low and were so excited to find an Ox hiding on the adventure playground, a monkey climbing a wall, a horse trying to hide in the play tunnel and a dragon on the chalkboard, to name a few. However, one of the animals, the dog, had decided to go for a walk….some thought he might have gone to visit the Headmaster, Mr Chapman in his office, whilst others though he might have escaped to the Forest School; there was much commotion in search for the final animal! But calmness (!) was restored courtesy of Mrs Holden-Milner, who spotted the cheeky dog heading for the boys’ cloakroom!

After letting off plenty of steam running around the playground, the children returned to their classrooms where a special Chinese treat was waiting for them! Thank you to Mrs Ling, a King’s St Alban’s parent and owner of the Singapore Restaurant, who kindly gave a fortune cookie to every pupil. Year 1 had an additional treat as Mrs Ling visited them in their classroom to talk about Chinese New Year; all the children had a fabulous time. Thank you very much Mrs Ling; we wish you a happy and healthy Year of the Tiger.