King's Hawford

19 May

The Great Fire of London: Taking a trip down pudding lane!

Year 1 have been eagerly expanding their knowledge and understanding of The Great Fire of London, this term’s topic. All members of the cohort delved into key events and put themselves in the shoes of the people who would have lived in 1666 before looking at the importance of historical sources and how they teach us about events in the past. There was then great excitement (and mess!) as the children created their very own Pudding Lane.

During science lessons, pupils have embraced the seasons. They impressed with their knowledge of seasonal changes that happen to plants and trees alongside the changing weather. Pupils enjoyed a leisurely walk across our beautiful campus to look for signs of the changing seasons to help them work out and prove in which season we currently are.

In PSHCE (Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship Education), the children have been focussing on ways to be healthy. Thinking about the importance of exercise and foods that are healthy, the children concluded that even things that aren’t too good for us, such as chocolate, are fine in small amounts!

The children have been learning about non-fiction texts by looking at newspapers. They have been keen to point out the elements which make up a newspaper report, highlighting headlines, photographs, captions and looking at the way the articles are written in columns. The cohort have enjoyed taking a trip down Pudding Lane themselves as roving reporters, reporting on The Great Fire of London. With numerous ideas for snappy headlines designed to attract the reader, we most certainly have several budding reporters in our midst. Once they have completed their written reports, the children will bring them to life in the Hawford Newsroom – watch this space.

In maths lessons, it’s has been all about sharing! Following on from the group’s work on multiplication, the children are now looking at division. They have started to look at how to make equal groups by sharing; introducing the topic with practical applications, the children have moved on to representing this on whiteboards towards the end of the week.

As if the week hasn’t been busy enough, some of the children took part in the informal concert, impressing a live audience with their musical talents.