King's St Alban's

26 May

GYM Homework with a twist!

Jumping on the Jubilee bandwagon, pupils at King’s St Alban’s have embraced the final GYM (Grow your Mind) homework of the academic year with a twist! You guessed it; it had a Jubilee theme!

As ever, pupils from our youngest children in Nursery to our most senior pupils in Year 6 have relished the opportunity to share their projects within their classes. Pupils always enjoy having the chance to pursue their interests during GYM homework weekends. Judging by the amount of ‘cakes fit for a Queen’ that arrived in the School Office on Monday morning, it is safe to say that we have a number of budding chefs at King’s St Alban’s. One Year 5 pupil made the official Platinum Jubilee pudding – a scrumptious lemon and amoretti trifle – and from delicious sponge and fruit cakes to tangy lemon cupcakes, children across the school have loved making and taste-testing them all!

Moving away from the kitchen, Year 5 pupil, Jack used a 3D printer to design and make a crown whilst Katie, also in Year 5, interviewed her mum, who used to work for the Queen. She produced a detailed written piece and presented her class with some interesting artefacts. In addition,  budding poet, Martha in Year 4 took on board what she had learned in her English lessons to create a beautiful poem.

In Pre-Prep the pupils were equally as enthusiastic to take part in Jubilee GYM. Year 1 pupil, Daniel created his very own ‘Corgi Mansion’ complete with golden bath, ‘Hey Duggee’ Television, sumptuous soft furnishings and toys. Alongside lots of fantastic jubilee themed cakes, biscuits and doughnuts, a number of pupils had created some very royal afternoon tea menus. Portraits of the Queen and building a new mode of transport for the Queen also proved popular amongst our younger pupils. The artists in Pre-Prep made some fabulous crowns, complete with gold and silver jewels, with a Year 2 pupil creating a stunning patchwork jubilee banner.

Well done, everyone for all your hard work embracing GYM homework throughout the academic year.