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5 November

Hanging out in Hong Kong

There is a wonderful ‘ex-pat’ OV community spread all over the world and it is fantastic to hear when OVs take advantage of geographical location to meet up. OV Tor Lemon (née Crowe, Cr 98-06) thoughtfully contacted us, having met up with OV and former Head of School Olivia Howard (Cl 14-21 and King’s Hawford) and OV and former Deputy Head of School Will Hunt (Ch 14-21 and King’s St Alban’s), as all three are currently residing in Hong Kong.

Tor, who lives in Hong Kong with her husband Tom and their baby daughter, Sophie, takes up the story, “My parents and Will’s parents are good friends, so when we discovered that Will was coming out to Hong Kong for his Gap Year we got in touch before he arrived. We’ve met up a couple of times for a drink now and look forward to seeing both him and Olivia whilst they are here! The photo attached is taken in Tai Kwun, the old prison in Central Hong Kong.”

Hanging out in Hong Kong with OVs Olivia Howard, Will Hunt and Tor Lemon

Tor explained what had brought her to Hong Kong initially, “Tom got a job teaching PE at an International School in Hong Kong in 2017 and moved out here eight weeks after we got married. Unfortunately, I could not join him here for another year due to needing spinal surgery in the UK first. We have been happily living out here together for three years now. Tom is still in the school he joined in 2017, and I am working as a Physio and Bowen Therapist in a private clinic. Our daughter, Sophie, was born in July this year.

“Whilst our plans of travelling all over Asia have been somewhat hampered by COVID, we have been able to explore more of Hong Kong than we perhaps would have done without the travel restrictions. It is an amazingly varied place, and we still have barely scratched the surface. We are now desperately hopeful that the stringent (and lengthy) quarantine measures will be reduced some time in 2022 so that we are able to travel back to the UK to see our families and introduce them to our daughter. It is lovely to connect with other OVs overseas and have another link back to home!”

It is also lovely to hear how Olivia and Will have been getting on since leaving King’s in the summer, when they embarked on their journey to Hong Kong to work at Harrow International School for their Gap Year. They added, “We have just finished our first half term working at Harrow and it has been so much fun. We work in the boarding houses as an older brother and sister to the pupils and also assist with sports and co-curricular activities such as MUN, TEDx talks and the Harrovian Magazine. It’s been fascinating to see how schools run and work from a staff point of view; I hadn’t imagined how much admin had to go into planning just one assembly!

“Between work we have also done some amazing things, from climbing Tai Mo Shan and the Peak to camping in Sai Kung National Park, eating traditional street food and bartering in markets.

“It was lovely to meet Tor. Chatting to OVs out here made Worcestershire and home seem so much closer and it’s amazing to see and hear about everything alumni go on to after school.”