King's St Alban's

16 March

Happily Back into Clubs

It was a welcome return to a sense of normality, as children were happily back and enjoying a total of 16 after school clubs in our prep school during the first week back at school after lockdown.

As part of our wrap-around care provision, children are able to take part in a variety of stimulating clubs and activities which plays such an important role in pupils’ wider education and training. Although we are unable to run any external clubs at the moment, it is fantastic to be in a position to offer children these options as part of getting them ‘happily back into routines’.

Our Director of Sport, Jo Clark, ensures that children remain active thorough multisports, cricket, running and cricket. 29 children tied up their laces and strived to improve their fitness by running around College Green in running club. The children have also been having a splashing time and improving their stroke techniques with our swimming teacher Becky Woodger.

There is a very special sound, from the children and the water, when we are swimming in the pool. There are not enough words in the dictionary to express how thrilled I am to hear that sound again.

Becky Woodger

Swimming Teacher

Children in Years 3 & 4 have been looking after their wellbeing in Mrs Atkinson’s ever popular ‘Keep calm and relax club’. Enjoying mindfulness and yoga is the perfect way to wind down the body and mind at the end of a busy school day.

Away from sport, children can choose between dance, electronics, IT or quizzes and puzzles. Between 4-5pm, King’s St Alban’s is still buzzing with children curiosity and late room remains available for children until 5.30pm. Here children complete homework, practise spelling or timetables before playing board games, cards or chess.

We look forward to the day when we can offer children the full repertoire of clubs, but for now, we are thrilled to hear the sound of children enjoying a great variety of clubs and activities.