King's Hawford

7 December

Pupils shine in Rainbow Dance Showcase

This year our dance showcase was slightly different to normal, as we were unable to invite an audience into school, but the children still gave a fantastic performance. The title this year was selected to remember lockdown in a positive way. Our chosen theme ‘Rainbow’ was the symbol used throughout lockdown for keyworkers. Children will remember making and seeing these rainbows and joining in clapping for the NHS every Thursday evening.

Despite it being a challenging and very unusual year for everyone, it’s nice to look back on the good memories we have. Each performance was themed around a different colour of the rainbow. We had lots of creative ideas that transformed into some great dances.

We had a variety of exciting dance performances from every class from years 3-6. Dances ranged from the “Rainbow Theme Tune’ to ‘Purple Rain’ and ’99 Red Balloons’.  All pupils dressed up in brightly coloured costumes, had their faces painted and were very excited to get involved. Despite not having an audience our pupils stayed positive. Some said it was good because they weren’t as nervous and, as we were filming, if it went wrong, they could just simply do it again! This was an interesting and different experience but ran very smoothly and was hugely enjoyable.

The children were incredible on the day. The fact there wasn’t an audience didn’t phase them in the slightest and their confidence was incredible. Every dance was a real team effort and you could see that before, during and after the performances. I was so proud of them!

Congratulations to all of the year groups who put on a fantastic show!

Jenny O’Brien, Head of Dance