King's St Alban's

5 February

Healthy Bodies in the KSA Nursery

The KSA Nursery has been very busy this term so far and children have been exploring Healthy Bodies in the half term topic.

Earlier this term, the children were inspired by the ‘Supertato’ stories to learn about their veggies and went hunting in the garden for ‘Evil peas!  They made all the characters from the story and have been trying different foods for snack time, such as fruit bread, crumpets and have made their own granola bars and fruity flapjacks.

We have been delighted to welcome some new children this week and have been continuing our Healthy Bodies topic, learning about how our bodies work and how we can look after ourselves.

The children have been enjoying a lot of physical play, listening to music and moving like animals. We did an obstacle course around the garden by moving in and out of cones, up and over tyres and jumping across tracks. During Forest School the children had fun by doing some weaving and balancing. We have washed the babies in the water tray and we have made peas from play dough after we read the story ‘The Runaway Pea!’

The children have been chatting about when they sleep and their daily routines, we set up a mini role-play of a pharmacy and the children have used this to smell different scents. Last week was all about teeth, with dentist role-play proving to be great fun, and we have been cleaning germs off teeth pictures.

The children enjoyed the well-loved story, ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ as part of their healthy eating learning and so after the February half term, we will be looking at the author Eric Carle. We will use a book a week and do follow up activities using each one as a theme, exploring what the children are interested in the most to encourage maximum engagement. Learning about Healthy Bodies in the KSA Nursery has made for a great few weeks of learning and we look forward to another half term of exciting activities!