King's St Alban's

12 November

Healthy, poetic competition

After a four week postponement thanks to a COVID outbreak, this year’s Inter-House Poetry Recitation Competition finally blasted off in the John Moore Theatre on Friday morning.

Pupils and staff alike were treated to a vast range of poems, from the classic to the new, the serious to the humorous, delivered with real panache by the children. Eight finalists in each year group from Years 3 to 6 recited their poems in front of a part-live, part-remote audience. Whilst our adjudicator, Mrs Walmsley, second in charge of the English department in the Senior School, gave insightful and positive comments once each year group had performed, the audience was truly immersed in a morning of poetry.

Poems included the dare-you-to-disbelieve-me ‘My Dog Ate My Homework’, and the philosophical ‘Kids’, in which the author points out ruefully, ‘If then we kids cause such a fuss, why do you go on having us?’ We were even confronted with the ironically entitled ‘The Dog Lovers’, describing the demise of a family pet never taken for walks, whose resulting pent-up energy proves his undoing.

Well done to all the finalists, and indeed to all the children, as initially everyone had to learn a poem. And of course, congratulations to this year’s winners… Armstrong House!

At King’s St Alban’s, pupils have opportunities to sample and excel at a range of activities, with events such as the annual poetry recitation competition giving children hands-on access to a range of different subject areas. Reading has always been at the heart of our curriculum here at King’s St Alban’s, instilling a love of reading and indeed learning from an early age. To discover just some of the ways in which we do this, please enjoy hearing from Mr Braithwaite, Director of Studies at King’s St Alban’s, on our YouTube channel.