King's Worcester

22 May

House Marathon Challenge!

One of the aims of the PE/Games department, since remote learning started, is to get the pupils to engage in a wide variety of fitness and exercise activities to keep them fit and healthy under challenging circumstances. They have also added skill and physical challenges each week to encourage a bit of healthy competition and introduce pupils to new things. At the beginning of May, the PE/Games department started a House Marathon Challenge, inspired by the 2.6 London Marathon Challenge.

Pupils were asked to run/jog/walk 2.6 miles and send photo evidence in the form of a Strava screenshot to their YGT or Form Tutor, encouraging both participation and speed.

There was a range of ways that the challenge was completed from running around gardens to running around living rooms. One person did it on a horse but felt that the time for this could not be included!

Prizes awarded:

1) To the House/Form with the most participants in the challenge. 

2) To the House/Form with the fastest House Marathon (top 10 times) or Half Marathon for Lower Years (Top 5) 

Over 400 pupils completed the challenge – a fantastic response from the King’s community!

Congratulations to School House, winning both of the prizes of the House Marathon Challenge! 

Mr Gilbert, the House Tutor for School House, said:

“I am chuffed that the House did so well in this competition despite spirited and determined efforts from the other Houses.  A huge number of pupils from the House took part, running over 210 kilometres everywhere from their gardens and front rooms to the canal, river and footpaths around Worcester.  It was a narrow win, but one that was well deserved as the House came together and worked hard for a common goal.  I couldn’t be prouder of all those who took part and those that cheered them on as well.”

Top 3 times:

1) School House – 3hr01min

2) Kittermaster – 3hrs 03min

3) Bright – 3hrs 06min

Participation Results:

1) School

2) Bright

3) Oswald

4) Choir

5) Kittermaster

6) Wulstan

7) Chappel

8) Creighton

9) Castle



Half Marathon Times

1) U4E – 1hr51min

2) U4B – 1hr57min

3) U4C – 2h07min

4) U4A – 2hr16min

5) U4D – 2hr19min

6) U4F – 2hr20min


Participation %

1) U4D – 71%

2) U4E – 53%

3) U4B – 50%

4) U4A – 33%

5) U4C – 28%

6) U4F – 25%


Half Marathon Times

1) L4E – 1hr43min

2) L4C – 1hr47min

3) L4B – 1hr54min

4) L4F – 2hr00min

5) L4D – 2h03min

6) L4A – 2hr05min

Participation %

1) L4E – 81%

2) L4F – 45%

3) L4D – 38%

4) L4C – 37%

5) L4B – 34%

6) L4A – 27%