King's St Alban's

9 September

House structure thriving

The house structure have always been an important part of life at King’s St Alban’s; children mixing and learning from each other across all year groups is an important part of our pastoral care. Alas, Covid-19 came along and year group bubbles were required to keep us all safe in school last year. Whilst our house system remained strong, activities were limited to the sports field, art and poetry recitation.

With the dawn of the new academic year, this week we were delighted to feel the buzz and strength of house activities once more. To kick off, children were reminded of some King’s St Alban’s history, more specifically the history behind our houses. Canon Armstrong had the vision to establish the junior school as we know it. Bailey was a long-standing teacher of geography for over 30 years at King’s. Lester Wilson was the first headmaster of King’s St Alban’s and Wilfred Thomas was headmaster of St Alban’s for over 20 years. On a daily basis we are surrounded by several memories of the past: the stained glass windows and the headmasters’ board in the chapel, the portrait of Canon Armstrong above the fireplace in the staff common room and the plaque dedicated to the longest serving headmaster standing proudly outside the library.

Once the school history and introductions were complete, the house fun truly began! Icebreaker games, pair share interviews and pupil interactions saw many laughs and smiles across the faces of children old and new. Relay races on the quad kept the children in Armstrong active. Thomas calmly played board games and Lego, which allowed new friendships to be formed. Children in Bailey bonded over a variety of playground games. After completing a short history walk, Wilson pupils shared their passion for reading.

Faces alive with joy and energetic children making new friendships and skills sums up the first house meeting of 2021! Year 6 showed great promise, demonstrating skills of compassion and leadership across the house structure. We wait with anticipation for future house events such as the poetry, singing and chess alongside the many sports competitions such as rugby, netball, hockey and swimming.

Competitive spirit is always strong at King’s St Alban’s and along with a house attachment, our children will continue to thrive.