King's Hawford

10 December

Immersive learning for Y1

Last Friday Year 1 had a visit from the Freshwater Theatre Company who are a drama in education company. During their visit Year 1 took part in an acting lesson called ‘Where in the UK is Baxter Bear?’. The lesson linked wonderfully to our current topic of the UK. The class explored all 4 countries and capitals during their immersive experience, and the company shared with treats and souvenirs with the children that you would find in different countries around the UK. The children delighted in acting out different scenarios, such as standing on top of Giants Causeway jumping from rock to rock and parading around the Principality stadium to the Welsh National Anthem. It was fun to learn about accents and everyone had a go at each of the accents they heard. The children then looked at the oceans that surrounds the UK.

It was brilliant to see the children expressing themselves creatively whilst meeting the learning objectives set. This was a fun and immersive experience for the whole class and all of the children benefitted from having their learning brought to life. At the end of the lesson all of the children were beaming and continued to do so for the rest of the day. Thank you to the Freshwater Theatre Company for the visit