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6 November

Important report on Diversity & Entrepreneurship

It is wonderful to see OVs getting involved with projects to explore serious and important issues facing the UK at the moment. Over the summer, OV Joe Fowles (Cl 05-12) has been working on the government’s Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities which was established by the Prime Minister following the BLM (Black Lives Matter) protests earlier this year.

Joe is a Strategy Consultant and a Diversity Advocate at global management consultancy, Oliver Wyman where he has recently co-authored a ground-breaking study with the UK’s economic development bank on entrepreneurship and diversity in the UK. The report, Alone together: Entrepreneurship and Diversity in the UK, examines the profound effects that ethnic and economic background, gender and geography, have on entrepreneurial outcomes and opportunities. The report can be found here.

Joe says, “Entrepreneurship should be a career where foresight, innovation and tenacity determine success – but our research with the UK government shows that sadly this is not the case. Instead, a person’s identity and wealth unfairly influence their outcomes and what should be a level playing field is littered with obstacles. Action is urgently needed to begin to address these disparities.”