King's Hawford

6 May

Infectious energy in Reception.

There is no doubt that pupils in Reception have been buzzing with plenty of energy and enthusiasm for their learning this week. They have thrown themselves into each and every activity from the word go on Tuesday morning!


Focusing on The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister, the children listened attentively and embraced their best sitting still skills to thoroughly enjoy the story. A cautionary tale, The Rainbow Fish explores the idea of sharing. After listening so carefully, the cohort got stuck into learning some sign language to accompany the story.


During maths sessions, the children showed a huge amount of determination towards perfecting their numbers to 20, demonstrating their numeracy skills in several different ways. Some children picked up their pencils to write out the numbers 1 to 20 in their finest handwriting, whilst others built tall towers of a certain number of bricks. To get to grips with their numbers some enjoyed a game of snakes and ladders, and others took their learning to the next level working with tens and units.


Then it was time to get creatively messy in art! The children have created some outstanding sea marble pictures and jelly pot jellyfish; there are most definitely some budding artists in Reception!


Throughout the week, the children have been full of energy both in and out of the classroom so when it came to their games session there was plenty of enthusiasm. Games this week saw the children, both boys and girls, start to learn the basics of cricket. Utilising our beautiful playing fields, pupils tried their hand at throwing and catching a soft cricket ball, hitting the ball and running as fast as their little legs would carry them – quite fast as it turns out!


What a fabulous week in Reception and with another busy week ahead we look forward to hearing their infectious enthusiasm and laughter filling the classrooms once more!