King's Hawford

7 January

Introducing Mrs Campbell

We were pleased to welcome Mrs Lucy Campbell to King’s Hawford at the start of the Spring Term. Mrs Campbell takes up the post of Reception Class Teacher alongside Miss Lane after we bid a fond farewell to Miss Willis at the end of the Autumn Term.

Being an OV, Lucy is already aware of the school’s ethos and we are always delighted to welcome back King’s pupils to the school. Lucy joined King’s Worcester in 1995 and studied for her GCSEs and A-Levels at King’s. From an early age, Lucy knew she wanted to be a teacher. After leaving King’s in 2002 Lucy took a year GAP year where she worked in schools across Worcester as a TA. This experience further reinforced Lucy’s desire to become a teacher.

Lucy has a wealth of Pre-Prep teaching experience having taught a mixed class with Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children at her previous school. She is looking forward to focussing her attention on Reception and thinking of interesting ways to teach different topics.

Welcome to Hawford Lucy.