King's Worcester

11 February

Junior Schools’ Challenge

On Monday evening, King’s hosted three other schools in the first round of Junior Schools’ Challenge. If you have watched University Challenge, you know how intense and nail-biting this competition can be. Our B team consisting of Evie B (captain), Ellie C, Millie Y and Tim R from Upper Four battled it out very impressively against Warwick A and King Edward’s, Stratford but sadly did not made it to the final of the Junior Schools’ Challenge. In the other half of the draw, our A team with Caitlin C as captain along with Rose S, James C from Upper Four and Eva L from Lower Four scored very highly in their first two matches against Warwick B and The Chase, winning a place in the final. It was neck and neck in the final for the first half but Warwick A pulled away and won 390 to 270 and will go onto to the regional round. Many congratulations to all our participants. Our teams answered questions on topics ranging from trees to opera and from chocolate bars to musicals and impressed all with the range of knowledge between them. Junior Quiz Club continues after half term and all are welcome.