King's Hawford

17 November

KAPLA workshop inspires budding engineers

On Wednesday, we welcomed KAPLA Clubs UK to King’s Hawford for a unique, 3-D hands-on learning workshop. Throughout the day, pupils from Reception to Year Three worked together in their year groups, under the guidance of Jennifer, a KAPLA expert. As well as testing our pupils’ engineering skills, the workshop also allowed pupils to tap into their own classroom learning.

Each year group worked on a specific construction. After a crash course in KAPLA engineering, our Reception pupils kicked off the workshop by working together to build houses out of an assortment of small wooden planks. They also built a caterpillar, creating two sections of the body each and then working together to add the legs and head.

Year One pupils, inspired by their work on the Great Fire of London, managed to recreate a miniature London scene from 1666, complete with the River Thames and buildings on fire.

Year Two, who have been focusing on explorers, worked hard together to craft four Viking Dragon Boats. They were also challenged to work individually to produce smaller boats of their own design.

Taking things up a level, Year Three pupils created a magnificent viaduct. Each pupil worked on building a column; the columns were then joined together, resulting in a very impressive structure. A group of Year Three pupils also turned their hands to creating a giraffe out of the the wooden planks. Throughout the day the structure was added to; by the end of the workshop, the scene in The Barn was spectacular. Pupils were delighted to invite parents into The Barn to marvel at the finished structures.

All of the teachers who were involved with the workshop on the day were overwhelmed by how much the pupils got out of the experience. Every single pupil embraced the challenge and thoroughly enjoyed testing their construction skills. Pupils were required to listen, follow instructions and work collaboratively. The workshop tested the pupils’ fine motor skills and their spatial awareness.

It is safe to say that every pupil involved gained a great deal from the workshop and all those who witnessed the final structures will agree that it was extremely impressive.