King's Hawford

24 May

Kindergarten Mark Dementia Action Week

Our Kindergarten 2 children enjoyed a trip out last week to visit the residents of Fernhill Heath Care Home as part of Dementia Action Week.

The children were very excited to board the minibus to travel to the care home, where they planted forget-me-not-seeds as part of the care home’s awareness raising activities for Dementia Action Week. The residents were overjoyed to see the children and spent a great deal of time waving and smiling through the window. Some of the residents have not left their rooms during the Covid pandemic, but soon made their way out when they heard the children were visiting.

Anna Kingston, Head of Early Years said: “We are so grateful to Fernhill Heath Care Home for the invitation. The children loved heading out and spending time waving to the residents and planting their seeds. Watching the residents and children together was absolutely amazing, and made us feel really quite emotional. We can’t wait to visit again soon.”

Kindergarten visited the care home prior to the Covid pandemic to enjoy some dance sessions with the residents. Each time they visit the residents light up and talk about it for some time. As soon as restrictions allow we hope to make regular visits.