King's Fees

Fees and charges from September 2017

Termly Fees: £4,534 (three terms a year)

Payment of Fees

School Fees are charged in advance and, if paid termly, are due on or before the first day of term. Alternatively, fees may, by arrangement, be paid either in monthly instalments or by depositing lump sums in advance. Details of these schemes may be obtained from the Bursar. It is worth stressing that tuition fees cover all books and materials but not public examination fees.

In cases of late payment, the Governors reserve the right to make a surcharge, composed of simple interest calculated at a rate of one percent of the outstanding balance per month.

School Lunch fees 2017/18

All pupils are assumed to be having school lunches and will be billed accordingly, termly in advance unless the school receives written notice to the contrary before the start of term. The termly charge is £210 in Year Seven and Eight and £229 in Years Nine to Thirteen. Our menus are healthy and offer a wide choice. In addition, pupils can purchase hot snacks, pastries, and drinks at our mid-morning break service in the Dining Hall. Breakfast is also available before school.

Music Tuition fees 2017/18

Requests to begin instrumental and singing lessons with the school's visiting teachers should be made by completing a request form which can be obtained from Mrs Deborah Paddock, the Music Department's Secretary on 01905 721772. Parents are reminded that a half a term's notice is required in writing to the music teacher of the intention to terminate music lessons and that failure to give such notice will result in a half a term's fees being payable.

Termly: a maximum of £175 per term
Hire of instruments (if required) : £35

Sibling Discount

 A reduction in fees (ten percent for a third child and fifteen percent for a fourth child) will be given in cases when three or more siblings are pupils at the school (including the junior schools) together.

Financial Assistance (Bursaries)

We are delighted to say that for September 2018 there will again be several, one hundred percent bursaries available. There will also be a significant number of smaller bursaries awarded depending on means-testing and subject to the outcome of the entrance tests. Bursaries can also be offered to pupils who might otherwise have to leave the school because of financial hardship.

For all age groups, should you wish to apply for a bursary, you will need to indicate that you wish an application form to be sent to you on the examination form or inform the Registrar. The relevant forms will be sent to you from November onwards. All bursary application forms must be returned by the deadline date. For 2018 entry this deadline will be Tuesday, 16th January 2018. Any applications received after this date will not be considered. If you would like to know more about bursaries and scholarships please refer to our information leaflet which is available on request.

Pupils’ Personal Accident Insurance

The premium is £5 per term for this academic year. We continue to recommend that all pupils should be covered by this scheme and the premium will be added to all bills unless we are advised accordingly.