King's Hawford

15 September

King’s Foundation join together for special Cathedral Service

On Tuesday morning pupils from Years 4-6 boarded minibuses bound for “Big King’s” in order to join together with pupils from across the King’s Foundation for a service in Worcester Cathedral. The special service marked not only the start of the academic year, but new beginnings; the service was the first time in 18 months that pupils from all three schools have been able to come together.

There was an air of excitement as many of the children were making the journey for the very first time. Despite the excitement, all of the children behaved superbly and we were very proud of them all. They were excellent ambassadors for King’s Hawford. The School Chaplain, Rev. Mark Dorsett, started the service by welcoming the whole community, celebrating the coming together of the whole King’s family,  putting school life in ‘bubbles’ behind us and looking to the road ahead as one.

After joining in with a rousing hymn, children listened intently to the Head of the Foundation, Mr Doodes, who addressed the congregation. Grabbing the imagination of our pupils with the history of the Cathedral from the laying of the very first foundation stone, Mr Doodes’ address culminated with what is it is to be a true Vigornian.

The atmosphere within the Cathedral came alive, with congregational hymns together with the beautiful voices of the choir. It was great to see our children join in the hymns with such gusto! Readings, read by the Heads of School from the senior school, included Luke 6:31: Do to others as you would them do to you, a theme that resonates with our pupils with the addition of our peer mediators this term.

The first of many opportunities our pupils will have to be inspired by Worcester Cathedral, the service was a truly most significant occasion, not just for our pupils, but also for those at King’s St Alban’s and King’s Worcester. We look forward to joining together as a Foundation again as the year progresses.