King's Hawford

9 September

Student Leadership Team appointed

We were very excited to appoint our Student Leadership Team today. In what is a historic first for King’s Hawford, Heads of School were appointed from the student body. Head, Jennie Phillips, made the decision to introduce a Student Leadership Team to the school this academic year to encourage pupils to take on leaderships roles and inspire their peers. Alongside the appointment of Heads of School, Mrs Phillips also appointed School Prefects. The selection process was modelled on the process in place for School Monitors at “Big King’s”. All of our Year 6 pupils were invited to submit an application for their chosen role via letter outlining why they believed they would be superb role models for their fellow pupils.

We were delighted to award Amelia M and Florrie C their Heads of School pins this morning. As Heads of School Amelia and Florrie will be expected to represent King’s Hawford and the student body, assist in the running of the school council with a view to chairing meetings, feel confident and comfortable talking to and in front of both adults and students and have good organisational communication skills and take a mature and thoughtful outlook.

Congratulations also go to Dan, Edward, Zofia, Florence B, Eva M and Imogen B who have been appointed as School Prefects. Dan and Ed take up the roles of Academic Prefects,  Zofia and Florence are our new Sport Prefects and Eva and Imogen are our new Performing Arts Prefects.

Our Prefects will be expected to act as role models for other students demonstrating punctuality, good attendance, behaviour and appearance. They will show a willingness to serve, to do jobs when asked and to volunteer in key situations. All Prefects will display a sensible disposition and pleasant nature, allowing for good relationships with all member of the School family. A key part of the role will the ability to lead, to show initiative, to be level-headed and honest in all situations. Our Prefects will show care and consideration to others around school.

The submissions that Mrs Phillips and the teachers received were all fabulous but there were a few that really stood out. As these roles are only held for a termly basis other students are encouraged to consider applying for the roles in the Spring term.

It is hoped that being part of the Student Leadership Team will give pupils skills that they will be able to take with them beyond King’s Hawford. If members of our Student Leadership Team are searching for inspiration as they start their new roles they could look to Charlotte M, a former King’s Hawford pupil, who is now Head of School at King’s Senior. A fine achievement and one we are all extremely proud of. Charlotte started her King’s Journey in Kindergarten 1 and has recently been described by the King’s Worcester Foundation Head as an “exceptional young leader”. A wonderful role model for all King’s Hawford pupils.