King's Hawford Fees

King's Hawford Termly Fees – Autumn 2017                         

Reception                           £2,380

Year 1                                    £2,644

Year 2                                    £2,735

Year 3                                    £2,905

Year 4                                    £4,022

Year 5                                    £4,170

Year 6                                    £4,285                                       

Kindergarten - session charges                

Morning (lunch included)                                      £25.64

Afternoon until 3.30p.m.                                        £20.49

3.30p.m. until 4.45p.m. (Or part thereof)              £4.58

4.45p.m. until 5.50p.m. (Or part thereof)              £7.44                                               

Lunch fees

Reception - Year 2           £137.00

Year 3 – Year 6                   £191.00

Additional Fees

Individual Music Fees

Qualified teachers visit the school for piano, strings, wind and percussion instrument lessons. The fees are £157.00 for ten lessons. Notice of the intention to give up an instrument must be given one term in advance. Pupils hiring school instruments will be charged £10.00 per term.

Sibling Allowance

There is a ten percent reduction for the third and fifteen percent reduction for the fourth children of a family who attend King's at the same time.  Please note that if the third or fourth sibling is in Kindergarten, these reductions only apply to Kindergarten pupils who attend full-time.

Pupils' Personal Accident Insurance

The premium is £5.00 per term for this academic year. We continue to recommend that all pupils should be covered by this scheme and the premium will be added to bills unless we are advised accordingly.

Payment of Fees by Direct Debit

School bills may be paid by monthly Direct Debit over the academic year. The Governors do reserve the right to withdraw this facility where agreed sums are not paid on the due dates, in which case all outstanding amounts due will become payable immediately.

Late Payment of Fees

The Governors reserve the right to make late payment charges composed of interest calculated as a rate of one percent of the outstanding balance per month.

Loss of School Days

No allowance in respect of school fees will be made in the event of enforced closure of the school due to causes outside the school's control e.g. snow or electrical failure.