King's Hawford Kindergarten FAQs

How old do my children have to be to join Kindergarten at King’s Hawford?  

We take children as soon as they turn two. If you’d like them to start around the time of their second birthday feel free to come and visit us in advance so we can complete the registration process.   

We don't anticipate all children will be potty trained at this stage and we will support with any transition support. 

What are the opening hours for Kindergarten? 

We offer a full-time provision from 7:30am to 6pm Monday to Friday throughout the year. You can choose half day sessions and pick up times to coincide with the traditional school day.  

During school holidays we offer an extensive holiday club which also operates between 7:30am and 6pm Monday to Friday.  

What is included within the fees? 

Fees cover all meals, snacks, wipes and even outdoor waterproof clothing. 

Children enjoy a morning snack of toast, fruit and milk. Lunch is a two-course cooked meal, and we provide sandwiches during afternoon break. We also provide a light snack at 5pm.  

Parents simply need to provide nappies where required, a pair of wellington boots, and sun cream during the summer months.   

Do Kindergarten children wear a uniform? 

Yes, Kindergarten children need to wear uniform during term-time. This can be purchased through School Togs. Alternatively, we run second hand uniform sales throughout the year. Our uniform policy is available here. 

Children wear their own clothes during holiday club.  

Do you accept childcare vouchers? 

Yes we accept childcare vouchers and payments made through child tax accounts.  

Do you honour the free early years education funding? 

We accept nursery funding towards payment. Please contact our Registrar for details. 

What facilities do children have access to? 

Kindergarten children take advantage of the extensive range of facilities available within the school. We spend a lot of time outside, which includes regular trips to our outdoor garden and outdoor classroom. Children also enjoy PE and pre-school dance in our dance studio, weekly Forest School sessions, and swimming lessons in our indoor pool.  

How do you communicate with parents? 

Each child has a keyworker who will take overall responsibility for your child’s wellbeing and will keep you up-to-date on their progress.  

Communication really is key at this young age, so staff are always willing to chat to you during drop off and pick up time. We also host regular Parents’ Evenings so we can discuss your child’s wellbeing and progress in greater detail.