King's Hawford

6 April

Pupil Delivers Powerful Message for Earth Hour

We were very proud to see King’s Hawford pupil Eden participating in an online vigil to mark Earth Hour at Worcester Cathedral on Saturday 27 March.

Earth Hour is one of the world’s largest grassroots movements for the environment. Held every year on the last Saturday of March, Earth Hour engages millions of people all around the world to switch off their lights and show support for our planet by taking the time to think about our impact on our environment and the changes we can make.

As part of the online service which was broadcast from Worcester Cathedral, Eden, aged 10, gave a thought-provoking speech about the importance of caring for our planet, challenging each of us to play our part.

We are delighted to share a copy of Eden’s message here. Well done Eden – you have given us a great deal to think about.

Hello I’m Eden, I’m Ten.

Did you know there are only 3,900 tigers left in the wild?

Now imagine that was your favourite animal, you’re sure to be sad because it’s endangered and might be extinct – then it wouldn’t be your favourite animal, it would be your fav extinct animal.

Since I’ve been alive I’ve grown 135 centimetres, I’m nearly as tall as my grandma!

And in that time 160 species of animals have become extinct.

160 species that are gone. Forever.

The sea levels have risen, the wild fires have burnt and our shared planet is in crisis.

I have seen environmental change, on my Grandads farm there are fields they cannot use anymore because they are too waterlogged. We often have to take a different road to school when our lane floods. If we do nothing by the time I’m thirty we could have lost parts of Worcester.

But on the other side of the world, in the high jungles of Rwanda there are over 1000 Wild mountain gorilla’s now. That’s a species they thought would be extinct before I was born. How? Well humans have worked and worked to conserve these animals and their habitats. They are now thriving: and they are not the only species that has come back in leaps and bounds, or hops. So we can help our favourite animals and our environment.

At school we have raised money for the World Wildlife Charity to help them save animals, at home we recycle and we try not to buy any plastic.

We grow our own food and try not to buy too much that we don’t need.

We reduce, reuse and recycle.

I can help at home and school, but you can help in your business too. There’s a hotel in the rainforest in Borneo that has saved the rainforest there and taught the locals to be guardians of the environment and look after the animals. I wonder what we could do in this country? You don’t have to move your business to the rainforest but ask yourself what you could do? Do you use plastic, you could stop?

Everyone thinks its too hard to save the world but everyone here could buy a wooden toothbrush.

If we all did that, then together we would be changing the world.

This is not your world, or my world, it’s our world and we share it with all the animals so we have to look after it and them.