King's Hawford

17 June

King’s Hawford Sporting prowess out in full force.

King’s Hawford’s sporting prowess was out in full force on Friday for one of the best loved events of the school year, the Years 3 to 6 sports day. It was a beautiful, sun-soaked day, packed with highly impressive performances and outstanding displays of resilience and determination, enjoyed by children, staff and parents alike.

All children in Years 3 to 6 took part in various field events during the morning, including high jump, long jump, javelin and shot put. The afternoon was full of excitement as the track events took centre stage, with a large crowd of supportive parents and grandparents watching on. All children had selected to compete in two races, depending on their year groups, out of the 50m, 80m, 150m, 200m, 600m and 800m. The final races of the afternoon were the eagerly anticipated House 4x50m relays.

It was an exciting day, full of energy and a keen desire for children to beat their own personal best scores. It was also a day that included new school records for Harry C, Jetta P (twice!), Grace D and Harriet B in year 4, Erin L (twice!) and Harriette T in year 5 and Charlotte B (twice) and Fabian W in year 6.

All children scored points for their various events and the top point scoring children were awarded the Victor and Victrix Ludorum trophies by Mr Mason, Foundation Director of Sport. The winners were:-


Year 3 – James B & Thea E

Year 4 – George O & Harriet B

Year 5 – Freddie P & Erin L

Year 6 – Fabian W & Charlotte B


A very special award was also presented for the second year running in memory of a much loved member of staff; Mr Kevin Bethel. The winner of the Kevin Bethel Shot Put Trophy for 2022 was Harvey R, with an impressive throw of 5m 54cm.

The overall house results were:-

1st – Malvern

2nd – Kinver

3rd – Bredon

4th – Clent


The wonderful day was captured by David Felton, a link to whose work has been circulated to all parents.