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9 October

King’s Hawford- Then & Now with 2020 OVs

We were thrilled to watch this new video for King’s Hawford catching up with their 2013 leavers who 7 years later are now part of our newest cohort of OVs from the Year of 2020! The film shows the OVs when they were age 11 talking about their favourite parts of Hawford and the lovely atmosphere it provides and then has lots of follow-up clips with the OVs, now aged 18, as they explain how Hawford set the foundations for their future learning, passions and skills.

The 7 OVs featured are Charlie Mackintosh (Cr 13-20), Immie Gillgrass (W 13-20), Emily Warner (Os 13-20), Hattie Wales (Os 13-20), last year’s deputy Heads of School, Ellie Deehan (W 13-20) and Ted Poel (Os 14-20) and last year’s Head of School, Hamish Stigant (W 13- 20). They spoke eloquently aged 11 and 18 about the wonderful opportunities Hawford offered them with regards to outdoor learning, leadership skills, music, drama and sport.

Charlie Mackintosh OV

The film was produced by Julia Letts and James Atkinson at JDA media. Julia, herself a King’s parent, says, “Having first met this group of children in 2013, it’s been a joy to watch them grow into amazing, resilient and talented young adults. Who knows where they will be in another 7 years? Perhaps we should make a sequel in 2027!”

Go to the King’s Hawford YouTube channel to watch this sweet video here.