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Described as ‘An outdoorsy prep with a warm, fun, family feel and happy, open and engaged children’. The whole place has the feel of a children’s village, with the original higgledy-piggledy Georgian house home to some classrooms and a dining hall, while the rest of the buildings – including converted stables and newer build low-rises – are well spread out, giving plenty of space for children to run around and climb trees (yes, they still do that here). ‘The only children it wouldn’t suit are those that don’t like getting muddy,’ reckoned a parent.

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Muddy Stilettos:

Put it top of the list if you have an outdoorsy, sporty or dance and drama-loving child. Little go-getters will excel here, but it’s also great for the quieter type who need bringing out of their shell slightly. A fiercely outdoorsy school, wherever you look you’ll find children up trees, paddling on the canal, sketching on the ‘mound’ or bush crafting in the grounds.

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