KH Radio is a weekly radio programme made by our pupils and broadcast each Monday in assembly.

Each term a different group of year 5 and 6 children become the production team and every Friday they plan and record the show, interviewing their teachers, peers and visitors to Hawford on all sorts of subjects – from climate change to National Chocolate Week. They also record quizzes and jingles and whenever possible, take the digital recorders on school trips and camping adventures. The team also makes special programmes at Hawford events, such as the May Fete, the Christmas Fayre and the Dance Show Case.

KH Radio gives the pupils a chance to learn new skills, to work in a close-knit team, to meet very tight deadlines, to take the initiative, come up with ideas and have the confidence to interview people they’ve never met before. Our Radio Club is run by a former BBC radio producer who teaches the pupils how to ‘write for radio’, present mini features and crucially, how to listen carefully, follow up what’s been said and think on their feet.

The whole school takes a great pride in KH Radio, listening attentively to each programme in Monday’s assemblies and joining in the quizzes with gusto. The programmes, which are always of an extremely high standard, are then shared on our website so parents and friends can listen too.

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