Our aim within the Early Years stage is to introduce children to the joys of learning whilst building their confidence and encouraging new skills, working closely with parents to ensure every child reaches their full potential.  Surrounded by knowledgeable and nurturing staff, Kindergarten is a fantastic environment for children from the age of 2.

Learning in Kindergarten

With the focus on the three prime areas of learning (Personal, Social and Emotional Development; Physical Development; Communication and Language) we ensure that each child has the key skills in which to develop and progress throughout their time in Kindergarten. Children leave Kindergarten confident, independent, and fulfilled learners.

With an emphasis on play, children use the indoor and outdoor provision all year round, whatever the weather. Our continuous provision provides stimulating resources to spark curiosity and a desire to learn through play and discovery. Experienced practitioners follow the interests of the children, enhancing their learning and identifying the next steps in learning.

Children enjoy swimming, Forest School, and music sessions led by experienced staff.  Children in Kindergarten 2 also have German lessons.

We use the excellent and extensive school site and our youngest children feel part of the whole school community.  Our Kindergarten 2 children take part in whole-school performances such as the Arts Week dance presentation, May Fête dancing, and the Christmas Nativity.

Trips throughout the year have included performing music and movement sessions at a local care home, visiting local farms, and theatre visits.

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Learning in Reception

Starting school is an exciting time for children as they begin their journey into formal education. A seamless transition from Kindergarten ensures children are confident and ready to learn key skills such as reading and writing, and in mathematics in line with the Early Years Foundations Stage curriculum.

Alongside these core skills, children are offered an exciting programme of lessons.  In addition to phonics, reading, writing, and numeracy, the children enjoy music, physical education, swimming, German, Forest School sessions, and stories on our library bus.

Bringing the curriculum to life

Curriculum activities are often delivered both indoors and outdoors, with children spending a great deal of time learning outside of the classroom. Children move between learning sessions in our colourful and stimulating classrooms, our outdoor areas, the adventure playground, the tipi, and the Forest School.

Technology also plays an important role, supporting our learning programme in all areas. Children have access to a range of devices such as iPads and interactive whiteboards, to add another dimension to the learning experience.

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Early Years Learning Goals

There is a strong focus throughout the Early Years on the following areas:

  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Communication and language development
  • Physical development

Creativity, a belief in the importance of self-expression, opportunities for imaginative and adventurous play, and a strong focus on each child’s individual learning journey all go towards the delivery of a rounded and full education in the Early Years.

During their time in our Early Years classes, children are assessed against the EYFS profile and outcomes. We meet regularly with parents to ensure they are fully informed of the progress that their child is making and the next steps in his or her learning journey.

Reception children are able to participate in an exciting range of after-school activities to further enhance their time spent at school.

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