Our Prep School pupils (Years 3 to 6) continue to be offered a broad and diverse curriculum, with specialist teaching in many subjects. Weekly Art/DT, music, humanities, science, PE, computing and MFL lessons form an integral part of the curriculum.

The children are introduced to three languages during their journey through King’s Hawford. German is taught from Kindergarten 2 and from Year 4 the children are taught two MFL lessons: French and German. In Year 6 , the children have three sessions weekly: German, French and Spanish.

As the children progress into the top end of the school, sets in maths and English ensure that the children are both challenged and supported in lessons. Academic standards are high, with large numbers of children achieving scholarships at the end of their time at the school and all children achieving the appropriate grades to continue their education at the Senior School, King’s Worcester.

There is a weekly skills session during which children are offered subjects such as cookery, arts based skills, outward bound and mindfulness. Annual musical performances involve all children and showcase their singing, dance, and drama skills.

The vast majority of children (85%) take instrumental or singing lessons, with opportunities to be involved in the Orchestra, in one of our two choirs, or Groups in Woodwind, Brass, String, or Harps.

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Introducing Competitive Sports

Competitive sports are introduced from Year 3, with all children representing King’s Hawford in matches against other schools. Children are offered a range of sports and activities after school to supplement the Games afternoon.

All children in Years 3 to 6 take part in a residential trip or camp, as well as a range of educational outings. These involve activities such as sailing, climbing, abseiling, water sports, orienteering, bouldering, archery, and a range of outdoor problem-solving challenges. Children learn to erect their own tents, cook their own food, and other campcraft skills.

In Years 5 and 6 our children visit ‘big King’s’ regularly to engage in subject-based workshops and a range of events such as author visits, in order to become familiar with the King’s Worcester site before transfer at the end of Year 6.

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