Our teachers provide a caring and supportive environment where pupils feel valued as individuals. We celebrate the achievements of all within our school community and teach the children to respect others and seek to be both considerate and supportive of each other. Parents are kept closely informed about their children’s well-being and they are able to make daily contact with the class teacher. 

Our children are encouraged to show good manners and tolerance at all times and this is central to our ethos, reinforced by our system of rewards. The Form Tutor is at the heart of our pastoral care system and is always available to pupils and parents alike. Our older children help younger pupils in the playground and also undertake additional responsibilities around the school. In this way we introduce pupils to the idea of serving a community.

Children know that all of the adults working at the school are approachable and aware that we want to do all we can to ensure their happiness. We take the view that we are all sharing and enjoying the same community. A school nurse is available throughout each school day.

As a school, we try to include the whole family so we can build strong relationships to help and support each child. We hold an annual Grandparents’ Day; parents are welcome to attend assemblies, we have drop-in sessions to give parents the chance to see work and talk to teachers. Most importantly, we aim to be an ‘open door’ school at which parents feel both welcome and an integral part of our community.

Parents are kept closely informed about their children's happiness and are able to make daily contact with the class teacher. We see education as a partnership between parents and the school.

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School Council

All classes send representatives to our School Council. It was this body that drew up our ‘School Rules’:

We aim to:

  • Always be kind, considerate, and well mannered
  • Encourage others through words and deeds
  • Always try our best and celebrate the achievements of others
  • Be truthful and honest
  • Share and be fair
  • Look after our school

The School Council gives pupils responsibility and ownership. They have a real voice and help to make all sorts of decisions that relate to the running of the school. They also have a budget and make decisions as to how it will be spent to improve the school.

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Our House System

Our House system is an important part of school life at King’s Hawford because it promotes a sense of community, belonging, and pride. Children will find themselves in one of our four Houses in Reception:

  • Bredon
  • Kinver
  • Clent
  • Malvern

Within the House system there are opportunities for pupils to take on additional areas of responsibility. Each year, for example, the children elect their own House Captain and Deputy House Captain, which are important roles that include leading assemblies, mentoring younger children, and representing the House.

We run regular House competitions throughout the year with a prize for the winning House at the end of the year. House points are also awarded for excellent work.

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