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24 April

King’s Heroes: Thank you to our OV NHS Workers – Renate Brown-Goode

Photo of OV Renate Brown-Goode midwife wearing surgical mask

This week for our NHS OV Heroes series we send give special thanks to OV and midwife Renate Brown-Goode (W 91-93)

Renate says,

“I am a midwife at Worcestershire Royal Hospital  working primarily on Delivery Suite but also on our Covid-19 isolation unit where we care for women in the antenatal and postnatal periods as well as labouring women with suspected or confirmed cases of Coronavirus. I support women and their birth partners through labour and birth.

Midwifery is a very hands on, holistic profession and the requirement for wearing PPE at this time greatly impacts on our roles. The touch of a hand or a reassuring smile can really help women through an anxious time but now that touch and that smile are hidden behind gloves and surgical masks at a time when anxiety is particularly high.

Despite all this, myself and my colleagues do what we can to keep morale high, support each other through  our own wobbles and dark moments and strive to provide the best possible care to our women.”

Thank you Renate!  Here, children of key workers at King’s Hawford say their thank you to Renate too.