King's Worcester

19 June

King’s holds its first ever “Remote Sports Day”

Following on from an active 10 days supporting the #Worcester2Worcester Challenge, it is now time for our pupils to get into the competitive spirit for the last sporting event of the year, the annual King’s Sports Day.

Next week, King’s Worcester will be holding our first-ever Remote “Sports Day”.

Remote Sports Day

Over the course of the week, pupils will be challenged in their Forms and Houses and also Tutor Groups to see who can become the first-ever Remote Sports Day champions. They will also have the opportunity to earn a place on the individual event podium and the pentathlon podium.

Pupils will be encouraged to do as many of these following events as they can:

  • Standing Long Jump
  • Vertical Jump
  • Speed Bounce
  • 1km run, jog or walk
  • 5km run, jog or walk

Assistant Director of Sport, Lora Miller-Symonds, added ‘We are excited to be running the first-ever remote sports day, to link in with the National School Sports Week. It will be a great way to end the Skill and Physical Challenges the pupils have been doing each week. Pupils can take part in five events to win the participation award for their Form or House and every point will be important. They can also try to earn themselves a place on one of the podiums.’

Pupils have received more information in Form/House time today and will also have access to video guidance on Monday. They will be encouraged to come together as a Form/House one final time and finish the year on a united high.

Which Form and House will be crown King’s Remote Sports Day winners?