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21 August

King’s Memory Lane

We do love to receive photos from OVs picturing their time at King’s, or indeed older photos showing their relatives. One such photo we were thrilled to receive was from David Seabright (W 55-64), who found this photo when looking through one of his father’s old photograph albums.  The photo is entitled, ‘Worcester Cathedral King’s School Sports’ with a handwritten date of Easter 1915. David tells us that, “My father would have been about 11 years old and his brother would have been 13 or 14!”. The boys are all wearing long winter coats and their King’s School cap and there is not much evidence of a Sports Day in action!  Both David’s father, John and his brother, Gilbert were keen OVs and studying at King’s was a family tradition, with both David and his own brother, Richard attending the School.

David says of his father, “I have his autobiography, which I have enjoyed reading. I also have my scribbled notes on the lives of Mum and Dad, which I made for their mutual funeral. They died within 3 days of each other aged 90 and 91 respectively.  Dad’s brother, Gilbert, was 92 when he died.”

David himself is a very loyal King’s supporter and he and his wife, Ann, have attended many OV events over the years, both in London and in Worcester.  They are also very generous supporters of our Bursary Programme at King’s and David is an advocate for our Legacy Appeal, with his and Ann’s mantra being, “The greatest use of life is to live it for something that will outlast it”.  You can read more about David’s thoughts on legacies here.