Foundation News

7 February

King’s Musicians Unite for Music Workshop

King’s musicians from across The Foundation united this week to produce a powerful day of music-making and memories. In total 65 pupils were involved from King’s Senior, King’s Hawford and King’s St Alban’s. Pupils from Year 4 to Year 9 spent 5 hours playing new pieces of music and improving their ensemble skills. Our Foundation Orchestral Workshop Day was all about making music. Skills and teamwork became stronger as the day progressed; sight-reading transformed into more polished performances.

The orchestra, made up entirely of King’s musicians, spent the day working on a varied programme of music which included: Caribbean Carnival, Bouree, When I was a lad, St Anthony’s Chorale. A  brilliant display of a variety of mixing genres and styles.

A number of pupils from across The Foundation stepped up and took solo roles. Soloists included: Florence P on the clarinet, who overcame some initial nerves to pull off a commanding performance, Joel C on the tenor sax, Ben R on the piano and Sam P who delighted with a superb, delicate performance. Two pupils who recently were awarded Music Scholarships to the Senior School also got a chance to take centre stage. Tom R, currently at King’s Hawford, played the oboe and Tobias E, currently, a pupil at King’s St Alban’s played the cello.

A highlight of the day was seeing how well members of The Foundation came together. During the breaks in the workshop pupils from all three schools relaxed in the winter sunshine and played table tennis. It was lovely to see older children guiding the younger ones. As a Foundation of schools, it was amazing to witness a genuine sense of camaraderie on display.

The final concert gave the children from across The Foundation the opportunity to perform to an audience showcasing the day’s hard work. Performing in front of an audience gave all of those involved a huge sense of fulfilment. The concert was the climax of the day and all pupils, regardless of their age  performed with aplomb despite the tiredness setting in. The music very much did the talking and was a perfect example of the strength of music across the School’s Foundation.

Wind band performed two new pieces: Big Screen Fanfare and Rockbuster. Both pieces were written in 2019 by British composer James Rae. Wind band performed his crisp, funky rhythms with the appropriate attitude and it was lovely to hear the different sound colours between the woodwind and the brass sections. The percussion and trombone sections got their chance to shine and Mrs Kilbey was incredibly proud of the wind band’s ability to pull off such a polished performance after 2 short 20 mins rehearsals.

James, a pupil at King’s St Alban’s was brimming with confidence as he conducted the world premiere of his own piece: Renaissance. The piece was originally composed in one of his Year 6 music lessons with Mrs Gunter but was embellished on in readiness for the concert. After the performance, James said: “I really enjoyed my piece being performed as it is a wonderful experience to play in front of so many people!”

Year 9 King’s Worcester Senior pupil Beth commented on how she really enjoyed learning new pieces and felt the atmosphere at the concert really inspired the performers. This was Beth’s third time attending and performing in the Orchestral Workshop since joining King’s. Beth’s cello skills have become stronger during her time at King’s which has seen her move from the back deck of the cello section to the front and she is now deservedly leading the section.

It was great to see so many of King’s musicians joining together to make some brilliant music. Recordings from the performance are now available on our SoundCloud. Well done to all involved!