King's Worcester

28 January

King’s singers meet The King’s Singers

On Tuesday 28 January, eight members of the King’s Senior Chamber Choir were lucky enough to be invited to take part in a concert at Malvern Theatres with The King’s Singers. This was part of a schools’ outreach project run by Chris Monks of Armonico Consortinvolving some 250 primary and secondary pupils from local schools, our own King’s singers were centre stage, performing with the world’s most famous and successful male vocal group.

The outreach choral event with The King’s Singers was the culmination of a programme of training sessions run in local schools by The Armonico Consort, funded by The Severn Arts, (Worcester’s leading art and music charity). Their aim is to bring together local schools to encourage more artistic activity across the local community.

The King’s Singers have been entertaining audiences all over the world for over half a century with their virtuosity and trademark British flair. “The group was officially born on May 1st 1968, when six recent choral scholars from King’s College, Cambridge, gave their first professional concert in London. By chance, their vocal line-up was two countertenors, a tenor, two baritones and a bass, but this formation has stuck to this day. Since then, there have only been twenty-eight different singers including the original six and the present line up. In 2020, the group are creating more new music than ever, touring all over the world, and bringing their music to as many people as possible. They are committed to making the future of a cappella and choral music as bright and exciting as possible. Their pro bono outreach and educational work, as well as their extensive work with upcoming composers, is supported by their charity: The King’s Singers Global Foundation.” – The King’s Singers

This was the first time that King’s Worcester was invited to join this exclusive event and sing alongside such a well-known group. Singers were thrilled to get half-an-hour of expert coaching from this highly talented group on the three items in the concert involving only our singers and The King’s Singers. King’s pupils were also most fortunate to spend the rest of the afternoon working alongside all the other pupils on a varied repertoire. This included a specially commissioned vocal symphony by Toby Young, A suitcase full of songs, exploring the experiences of refugees and migrants around the world.

Assistant Head Of Music, Chris Allsop added, “The experience of working with The King’s Singers was a phenomenal opportunity. It gave our pupils a once-in-a-life-time experience and also allowed us all to build relationships with local schools in the area. It was not only an impressive collaboration but a fun afternoon for all involved.”