King's St Alban's

9 June

King’s St Alban’s award Green Flag.

King’s St Alban’s pupils are celebrating this week, having been awarded a much-coveted Eco-Schools Green Flag. Following a rigorous assessment process, involving the completion of each of the Eco-Schools Seven Steps, we are delighted that our pupils have been recognised and rewarded for their ecological achievements.

Commenting on our comprehensive submission, the Eco-Schools judging committee commended the King’s St Alban’s Eco-Committee for their “action-focussed and practical approach to Eco-Committee meetings” and the “clear and concise” minutes arising from each one. Consisting of representatives from each of the Prep School year groups, the committee has done an outstanding job of engaging with the wider school community, whether that be through the creation of our colourful, Eco-Committee board, a host of different surveys and competitions or welcoming key speakers, such as Severn Trent Water, to our assemblies.

As part of the seven-step process, the King’s St Alban’s eco-committee were required to carry out a full Environmental Review. The eco-committee quickly identified gaps in King’s St Alban’s existing environmental activity and set about plugging them through their comprehensive action plan. The Environmental Review was also useful in highlighting the things that King’s St Alban’s was already doing well, which, as the Eco-Schools panel suggested, “helped to keep up good proactivity and to feel empowered.”

Using SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time Bound) objectives to form the basis of the King’s St Alban’s Eco Action Plan, the judges were delighted “to see accountability, monitoring and evaluation clearly marked on the Action Plan.” They were also impressed to see how the eco-committee had “linked environmental issues to such a wide variety of curriculum areas.” It was clear that pupils at King’s St Alban’s can think outside the box!

Part of the submission included our Eco-Coordinator, Mrs Atkinson’s lesson materials, which impressed the judges as being “a great example of layering in sustainability and climate change into curriculum studies. Amazing!” It was also clear from our submission that as a school we have engaged numerous external agencies across a number of different campaigns and projects, “a great example of the collaborative approach we all need to adopt to combat climate change.”

Described as “a real work of art” our Eco-Board was praised for being “visually stimulating, doing a great job of hooking passers-by;” if you haven’t seen it yet we strongly recommend a visit! In addition, our Eco-Code posters are displayed throughout the school. Do keep an eye out for these too. As the judges concluded, “it is punchy and really creative, setting out tangible and accessible calls to action the whole school can get behind.”

Congratulations to our enthusiastic Eco-Committee who have worked tirelessly with Mrs Atkinson to ensure that King’s St Alban’s is eco-friendly today and will undoubtedly continue to be so for future generations.