King's St Alban's

4 March

King’s St Alban’s is full of worms!!

Be a Bookworm Week might be drawing to a close, but our budding bookworms have shown great enthusiasm for reading, from Pre-Prep right through to Year 6. In addition to all sorts of discussion about books, there have been a variety of activities, such as book charades, where the children have to guess the title of a well-known children’s story. As you might imagine, some were easier to guess than others; however, there was no shortage of laughter and giggling in the process. In addition, numerous competitions (with chocolate prizes a must!) have been running, including redesigning a favourite book’s front cover and rewriting the blurb on the back in as lively a style as possible. We clearly have some talented artists and wordsmiths here at King’s St Alban’s. Special book reviews have also been composed. Once finished, the children read them out to each other.

The ever-popular ‘I got caught reading’ photo slot has inspired many an imagination, where children are snapped while reading in unusual places. Perhaps the most popular aspect is the ‘travelling book’, where a tome of the teacher’s choice travels with a form to all their lessons. The teacher of each lesson reads a short extract before the lesson begins. In this way, by the end of the week a lot of ground can be covered. Finally, we begin and end the week with a schoolwide ‘Big Read’, a 25 minute read-your-own-book session.

Coinciding with World Book Day, throughout our Be a Bookworm week it has been encouraging to hear the children being bookish and discussing stories around the school. Generating a healthy schoolwide narrative about children’s books is our ultimate goal, and if this week is anything to go by, our pupils are certainly abuzz about books!