King's St Alban's

28 January

King’s St Alban’s is in fine voice.

The weekly hymn practice has long been a firm favourite in the timetable for pupils of King’s St Alban’s. Taken by Mr Freestone, Assistant Director of Music at Worcester Cathedral,  the practice would traditionally have seen the whole of Key Stage 2 coming together in the school chapel. The current guidance to ensure pupil and staff safety from COVID means that it’s not possible to gather the pupils together in fine voice in this way at the moment – but that doesn’t mean that hymn practice can’t happen!

The show must go on and so Mr Freestone, through the power of Microsoft Teams, leads a virtual hymn practice each week. Whilst he sits at the piano in our dedicated Music Room here at King’s St Alban’s, leading the hymn singing from a webcam, his picture and sound is beamed into all the classrooms around the King’s St Alban’s campus, with each class singing in their own class bubbles. The singing really does reach every corner of the school and beyond, as children who are isolating at home are also able to partake.

One Year 4 pupil commented, “Hymn practice is one of my favourite times of the week; it is great fun singing with all of my class friends. Mr Freestone likes to be able to hear us from where he sits in the Music Room; it can be difficult as some of the classrooms are the other side of the school. It is good fun but I am looking forward to all being able to sing together again in the school chapel.”

It is wonderful that we can continue to sing as a whole school in a safe manner, and anybody standing in the centre of the playground can hear the whole of King’s St Alban’s in fine voice! Thank you to Mr Freestone for keeping King’s St Alban’s’ love of singing alive and well.