King's St Alban's

11 March

King’s St Alban’s Spring Informal Concert

On Friday afternoon we held our second Spring Informal Concert on Zoom. Twelve children took part, ranging in age from Y1 to Y6. The programme was as varied as ever, including a wide range of musical styles such as classical, jazz, folk songs, spirituals and musical theatre.

Although there were no first-time performers in this concert, which was entirely comprised of our most dedicated and regular participants, it was lovely to see four of the children give first performances on a different instrument to normal. Isabella (Y5 -flute), Mia (Y5- flute), Henrietta (Y6 – viola) and Josh (Y6- flute) all showed their versatility as musicians. Some of the children performing haven’t missed the opportunity to play in an Informal Concert since they arrived at KSA, which is quite an achievement!

The standard of performance was as high as ever and demonstrated that the lengthy lockdown has been put to good use by our musicians. We are incredibly proud of their determination to progress despite the challenges of the last year, and of their resilience in adapting to new ways of learning and performing. Musical creativity plays a central role in school life for our children at King’s St Alban’s. There are lots of ways to embrace music, through individual lessons, choirs, instrumental groups and various formal and informal termly concerts, all part of our co-curricular Arts offering. While we are extremely grateful that platforms such as Zoom have allowed us to continue with face to face teaching and live performance during the pandemic, we are still looking forward to a time when we can return to our beautiful KSA Chapel and perform to a real audience in the traditional way. That said, one of the advantages of this format is that it allows audience members attend regardless of where they live. It was great to be able to welcome friends and family from literally all over the world and this was truly an international concert – the furthest afield being Dubai!

This second Spring Informal Concert was a real treat and a lovely way to end the week (and another period of remote learning!). Many congratulations to all the children who took part, and thank you very much to those who sent in messages of appreciation:

Thank you for organising the concert on Friday – it was good for our daughter to have her first play on the viola. Both her Grandads and various other family all enjoyed it. It also helped her with the return to school today.  

Thanks for another fabulous concert. And thanks for changing the running order to allow Nanna to join zoom! We all really enjoyed the concert.