Welcome to Reception

Introduction from Mrs Thorp & Mrs Hadfield.

We are really looking forward to getting to know our new starters and welcoming them to our Reception class in September. The first day of school is a milestone for all children (and their parents). As such we work hard to get to know our new starters before they join us in September to ensure that their first day of school is enjoyable and memorable.

Due to the current circumstances with Covid-19, our transition process will be slightly different this year.  We have sent all new starters a photo book that we hope will help ease any nerves and show what school will look like in September. The photo book also shows what activities will take place in different areas of the school.

We have also sent out an ‘All About Me’ form to help us find out more about each new starter.  These will be used to help us plan for the first few weeks at school and will enable us to know what we can do to help all the children settle as quickly as possible.

If the current situation will allow, we would like to hold an induction session for the children on Tuesday 1st September.  This will give everyone the opportunity to visit the classroom and meet us face to face in order to feel more familiar with us and the new environment on the first day of school.

We look forward to meeting you all soon, but in the meantime, please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns or queries.

Reception Story Time:

Each week we will be uploading a story or video to our Instagram page on Friday’s for the children to become more familiar with us.  To access these stories, please follow our King’s Worcester Early Years page on Instagram.

Take a virtual look around our Pre-Prep department:

We’re really proud of our school and the facilities we have here. Whilst we can’t show you around in person, we hope you can get a feel for our school via our 360 degree virtual tour. The navigation menu on the left will guide you around each area where you can explore at your own leisure. Keep your eyes peeled for clickable hotspots, these will unlock information within our tour and the blue markers will take you to a new location.

To view the tour in full we recommend viewing this in a separate browser. Click here to view.


The timetable for September 2020 will be coming soon.


Reception 2020 FAQs

How do you provide a smooth transition into reception?

It is really important to us that your child has a smooth transition into Reception. With COVID we have not been able to do our usual settling in sessions. However, we like to phone you during the summer term to have a chat about your child. We send out a book about our school with photos so that your child can become more familiar with their new surroundings. This is also an opportunity for you to talk to your child about starting school. We use instagram to tell a story each week to our new class and also put on videos of some our Reception routines just to familiarise your child. Towards the end of the summer term we hold a transition evening for new parents. This is where we give you more detail about your child’s first year at school and talk to you about how we teach in Reception. This is an opportunity for parents to ask more questions. Normally we hold a teddy bears picnic during the summer term to get to know you and your child. This is also a lovely opportunity to for you to meet other parents and for your child to build up friendships. This year we will be having our picnic the day before term starts.

How do you communicate between home and school?

Communication is key to a great start in school life. We are always available at the beginning and end of each school day. You will be given our email addresses if you want to send an email. If we have a question during the school day we will always contact you. Each week we send out a Reception newsletter; this will inform you of our plans for the following week and give you reminders and important information. You will also receive a KSA newsletter from Mr Chapman. 

When we need to remind parents about events or a change in plans we will send you a school comms.

In Reception we use a platform called Class Dojo. This has been a brilliant for our teaching during remote learning but it was so successful that we will now use it to put photos on to demonstrate your child’s learning throughout the day and to send messages. Parents have found it particularly helpful for posting photos of their child’s WOW monents.

My child still has accidents, how do you deal with this?

Accidents are common in young children. We deal with your child gently and with little fuss. We have lots of spare clothes in school!

How do you teach phonics and maths?

Phonics: Your child will learn 3-4 letter sounds each week. We use two schemes, Jolly Phonics and Read, Write Inc. These are brilliant platforms that teach letter sounds but also have a rhyme for your child to remember the letter formation. We find that by teaching at this pace the children learn that the sounds are in the beginning, middle and end of words and therefore will learn to blend and read more quickly.

Maths: This is taught with a big practical element in Reception. We like all children in Reception to leave with a really good grounding in numbers. We always say it’s not just about knowing the numbers, it’s about understanding the value of numbers and having fun exploring numbers and playing lots of numbers games. We use numicon shapes which we have found hugely beneficial with the children’s understanding of numbers. We also teach shape space and measure; again in a fun and practical way.

Do I need to do anything to prepare my child for school?

We don’t expect you to do any extra work with your child before starting school. Each child is unique and we assess your child on entry to Reception which then informs our planning. If parents ask for ideas we often suggest fine motor skill activities as this improves their finger strength which in turn helps them to hold a pencil, scissors, paint brushes and so on effectively. Also, talking to your child positively about starting school is a big help. We understand that starting school is a big moment for you and you child but it is an exciting adventure that we feel very privileged to be a part of your child’s formative year of learning.

Does my child need to be able to write their name?

No. Unless your child can form their letters correctly we actively discourage this because we like to teach your child to hold a pencil correctly and form their letters accurately. Of course, we are always delighted if your child can form the letters in their name correctly!

What if my child has trouble settling in?

We have had many years of experience with young children and we understand that the prospect of starting school can be daunting. Our communication with you is really important to us so that we can find out what your child likes and how they like comforting. We will always phone you an hour after your child has come into school if your child has been upset or anxious.

What will my child’s timetable be in September?

We will send you your child’s timetable in the first week of the Autumn term. We also send a sheet with weekly reminders of when forest school, PE, games and swimming are taking place.


Does my child need a snack?

No. The school will provide a selection of fruit for a morning snack. Your child will get a hot, nutritious meal at lunch and then a light snack such as a piece of toast, flap jack or cheese and crackers for their afternoon snack.

Meet the Reception team