Welcome to our Virtual Prospectus for King’s St Alban’s. Whilst you are awaiting your private tour or our open morning, we are delighted to be able to give parents and prospective children the opportunity to explore King’s St Alban’s via this page – our Virtual Prospectus.

Within our Virtual Prospectus, you will find:

  • Our new 360o interactive virtual tour for you to view our facilities and specialist subject classrooms
  • Our school films which give a little glimpse into life at King’s St Alban’s
  • Information from Harriet and Harry, Year 6 pupils here
  • The prospectus and further information for parents
  • Information about Next Steps, should you wish to find out more or proceed with your child’s application via our online portal.

360o Interactive Virtual Tour

We have created a 360o tour of our beautiful site and key facilities. The navigation menu on the left will guide you around each site where you can explore at your own leisure.

Keep your eyes peeled for clickable hotspots these will unlock information within our tour and the blue markers will take you to a new location.

We hope you enjoy our school. Click here to view our 360o tour in a separate browser.

King’s St Alban’s Films

Our short film provides a brief insight into life at King’s St Alban’s:

You can view our wider sports facilities, which we share with ‘Big King’s’ next door:

Here’s a sneak preview of our Nursery setting too:

Pupil Insight

Pupils Harriet and Harry share a lovely insight into what they love about our school.


Prospectus and Joining Information

If you’d like any information to be sent via post, please do contact Louise Robins, our Registrar. In the meantime, you can view our prospectus and information for parents below:

School Prospectus

Information for parents

Early Years Handbook

Next Steps

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact Louise Robins in our admissions team on 01905 363592.

Alternatively, you can create an account with our online portal, which allows you to schedule visits, book a place at one of our open mornings and, register your child (if you wish to do so in the future). You can do so by clicking the link below: