We offer a curriculum which is exciting, stimulating, and covers a whole range of subjects and activities. We want our pupils to develop a love of learning, both individually and with others, and acquire a wide range of learning skills. 

Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum – Ages 4 to 5

Reception is the starting point for the inspirational educational journey that our pupils undertake as they move through the King’s Foundation.

Our number one priority is the well-being and happiness of our pupils. Young children learn from everything that happens to, and around, them and our children thrive on the opportunities offered. We aim to promote children’s natural curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking through fun, play-based tasks in which children can actively explore and develop.

Play is central to the children’s activities and learning and is structured to provide them with the right balance of learning opportunities. As they become ready for more formal learning, this is gradually introduced.  To view our Curriculum Notes for Reception please click here.

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Key Stage 1 Curriculum – Ages 5 to 7

Years 1 and 2 follow on from the Early Years Foundation Stage with an exciting, creative curriculum that engages children’s imaginations and fosters the joy and enthusiasm to learn.

All subjects within the curriculum are interwoven into a creative topic, which is changed every few weeks.  Lessons in English, Mathematics, Science, Art, History, Geography, and ICT are taught using ideas in keeping with the topic, thus giving an overriding theme. This ensures that the curriculum continues to inspire and excite the children.

French, Music, and Games lessons are taught by subject-specialist teachers and are geared specifically to this age group.  Lessons are fun and interactive, ensuring that all pupils have the opportunity to learn new skills, to love challenges, be intrigued by mistakes, and to want to keep on learning.

Small class sizes ensure that all of the children are supported and encouraged to challenge themselves and to become more independent in their learning.

For more information on what the children will be learning this term, please view our Year 1 and Year 2 Autumn Term Curriculum summaries.

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Curriculum – Ages 7 to 11

Maths and English are given the most curriculum time and children also study Science (in our own laboratory), the Humanities, RE and PSHE, Art and DT, French, Music, and IT; all are taught by specialist teachers. Sport plays an important part of life at King’s St Alban’s and all children enjoy swimming, PE, and Games lessons. Daily homework tasks are set, providing an ideal home-to-school link and giving parents an insight into their children’s work and progress.

The aim is for children to enjoy a wide, varied, and interesting curriculum, to motivate and inspire a love of learning.

You can view our Autumn Term Curriculum summaries by following the links below:

Year 3 (Ages 7 – 8)

Year 4 (Ages 8 – 9)

Year 5 (Ages 9 – 10)

Year 6 (Ages 10 – 11)

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