At King’s Worcester we are passionate about sport and physical activity. We aim to deliver a premium sporting experience, within an environment of enjoyment, endeavour, and achievement. Our thriving sports provision for boys and girls embraces ‘Excellence’ and ‘Sport for All’ and we encourage all pupils to engage with the many sporting opportunities available, regardless of ability.

We offer over fifteen different sports at specialist level in first class facilities with expert coaches. In addition to our core sports of ruby, hockey, cricket, netball, rowing, football, athletics, and swimming, we also offer a range of other sports such as basketball, equestrian, cross-country, and fencing.

The standard of our competitive sport is very high and we are proud to have a number of keen sportspeople representing the county and achieving ongoing national successes.

Our five sports pillars encapsulate our vision for sport:

  • Passion – To inspire a commitment and determination to build lifelong involvement in physical activity, fitness, and sport.
  • Well-beingTo develop and support physical, social and mental well-being and confidence through physical activity, teamwork, determination, and enjoyment.
  • Excellence – To foster and develop pupils, inspiring them to individually achieve their best, and celebrating their personal progress and achievement in sport and physical activity. Excellence is measured by improvements in pupil and team performances, rather than results alone.
  • Core ValuesTo instil core values of resilience, sportsmanship, respect, and focus.
  • OpportunitiesTo provide a high-quality range of opportunities, provision, and support through personal and team challenges.

Sport at King’s Worcester is also about ensuring that our pupils achieve a healthy lifestyle whilst studying – providing pupils with vital skills of determination, resilience, and focus which can be transferred into their classroom study and beyond.

Without that initial experience and the support and encouragement that I received whilst travelling to international competitions and training camps, I probably wouldn’t have continued the sport after leaving King’s and then had the opportunity to race at two Olympic games in both Beijing and London.

Zac Purchase

British Olympic gold medallist

Athlete Development Programme

Our Athlete Development Programme has a nationally and locally recognised reputation across a wide range of sports. The school has produced a number of full and age group international performers over the years and we are also proud of our pupil representation at county and divisional levels.

The aim of the Athlete Development Programme is to provide support for talented individuals – facilitating excellence in both their sporting and academic careers.

It supplements the strong coaching, training, and competitive environment that exists at the school by providing a tailored personal programme which includes:

  • Provision of a Level 3 PT instructor who will design a personalised training programme, nutritional plan, and monitor fitness levels.
  • Termly lectures by external speakers on subjects that are relevant to the development of the young athlete.
  • Provision of leadership and coaching opportunities, to enhance an individual’s personal development.
  • Individual goal setting to facilitate achievement in all aspects of school life.
  • Provision of a staff mentor to provide a link between the House system, academic staff, coaches, and parents.
  • An annual review of the athlete’s progress.

We firmly believe that the drive to succeed in sport should transfer to achievement in all aspects of school life, which is one of the primary goals of this programme.

Sports Facilities

Our games facilities are the envy of many: a state-of-the-art, national-standard sports hall, an indoor climbing wall, a fitness suite, and a twenty-five metre, indoor, heated swimming pool. The architecturally exciting Michael Baker Boathouse juts out over the river alongside the school, and across the river next to the Worcestershire County Cricket Ground we have forty-six acres of playing fields and courts.

A National-Standard Sports Hall

Our national-standard sports hall is housed within the iconic Keyes Building. It is a multi-use sports hall equipped with full-sized court markings and equipment for a wide range of sports.

A Modern Top Power Gymnasium with Experienced Personal Trainers

The modern top class powerhouse gym houses a wide range of modern equipment and a twenty-five metre sprint track, providing the optimal facilities for strength and conditioning and explosive athletic training. We work with ‘Exclusive Gym’, which is a team of highly-experienced exercise professionals and athletes with a vast knowledge in many health and fitness fields. The team provides one-to-one or group training sessions, providing expertise in sports strength and conditioning, sports psychology and nutrition.

An On-site Indoor Swimming Pool

Our twenty-five metre, indoor, heated swimming pool is located next door at King’s St Alban’s. The pool is regularly used for post-fixture recovery sessions, as well as weekly swimming lessons enjoyed both on and off timetable. A range of additional water-related clubs are held here, including scuba-diving, water polo, and canoeing.

Forty-six Acres of Playing Fields and Courts, and an All-Weather Pitch

The school’s forty-six acres of playing fields and courts, located across the river, are home to rugby, football, cricket, netball, rounders, athletics, and tennis, and lie in the shadow of Worcester Cathedral, and enjoy views over to the Malvern Hills.

Hockey, and occasionally football, are played on the school’s all-weather surface, which is a short, ten-minute drive from the school.

Award-Winning Boathouse next to the River Severn

When Michael Baker (OV) gifted the money for a purpose-built boathouse, he wanted it to be a building that is fit for purpose, and one that will last long into the future. Situated next to the River Severn, the boathouse provides the ideal facilities for pupils who are keen to participate in rowing at King’s.

On the lower floor, the building houses a large number of specialist and high-quality rowing boats, while on the upper floor, the multi-function space houses modern equipment, focused on training, including cycling and rowing machines.

A Three-storey Climbing Wall

Our three-storey climbing wall is the envy of many local schools. At twelve metres high, it presents a range of climbing challenges and an abseiling gallery at the top. The school has an active Climbing Club, which regularly uses the wall.

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Overseas Sport Tours

Pupils have the opportunity to take part in tailor-made tours. We regularly run tours for hockey and netball, rugby, cricket, and football. Recent destinations have included South Africa and Swaziland, The Caribbean, Australia and New Zealand, North America, and Sri Lanka and Singapore. We have also taken tours into Europe, visiting Paris, Spain and Portugal in recent years.

Tours give the pupils a fantastic opportunity to experience other cultures, go on unforgettable excursions, play competitive fixtures against local and international teams, and enrich their lives through charity and volunteering work.

Tours also provide pupils with the opportunity to test their sporting abilities in a different environment, build strong relationships across the squad, and create memories for life.

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